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Your Most Exalted Life

Your Most Exalted Life

Welcome to the Crown Yourself podcast! This episode is a taste of just a few of the topics I’m really passionate about. Including flow states, self sovereignty, and different realities. We don’t play small around here so get ready! The full transcript of the show is below.

Show Notes:

Full Transcript:

Hello, welcome to the Crown Yourself Podcast. I am Shakti Sita. I’m so excited you’re here and I’m so excited you’re listening and I’m so excited I’m finally recording this, as everyone who finally records a podcast feels. Let me tell you what’s going on here.

So I run a couple of businesses. I run a business called Movement by Lara, which is yoga business by Ms. Lara Heimann. She’s a physical therapist, absolute genius, honed her lit yoga method for the last two decades. She does daily online classes and I run the whole operation of that. And other than that, I give astrology readings, which is my absolute passion and joy. And other than that, I am opening a Kundalini yoga studio in Westchester, New York in Dobbs Ferry. So I have just a couple of things cooking on the stove and that’s how I like it.

My intention for this podcast is to ignite a conversation around how to live a more empowered, self sovereign life. I love this idea of self sovereignty because it breaks down all of the structures external to us and also internal to us. A lot of the things that we think we have to do or be or say or act or whatever, they’re external to us, but we’ve internalized that in such a deep way that even the way, even how I’m talking to you right now, there are structures that can be broken down much, much, much further in order for me to be more self sovereign.

So the intention is to, in this podcast, have conversations that are pushing boundaries, getting us out of our comfort zone, getting us into this space where we can sit on our own throne of power, crown ourselves with our own sovereignty and power and really own what we came here to do.

It’s really hard to do anything. It’s hard to create businesses. It’s hard to go to school or work or whatever if you don’t know why you’re doing it or what you’re doing it for. Or it can get real existential real quick, at least in my world. So that’s why I’m here, because everything’s existential for me including, these structures including our own sovereignty and including how we can be the greatest, most exalted expression of ourselves and what does that look like and feel like and and show up like.

Some of the people I’m going to be talking, the research I’m going to be sharing with you, the books I’m going to be sharing with you, the creations I’m going to be sharing with you, these are all things that have inspired me and I look to, especially in the times when I’m playing small. We’re not going to be playing small around here. That is the one rule of thumb.

I’m really good at recognizing and other people when they’re playing small. I’m really, really, really talented at that. When it comes to myself and looking in the mirror just like everyone else out there, it’s much harder to see it in myself because playing small is such a sneaky little trick. And our subconscious really actually thrives in that zone where we’re playing it as small as humanly possible. Because if we’re there, then we’re safe. And our subconscious primarily exists to keep us safe. And so all of our patterns and thoughts and why we do things the way we do them, and especially when we do things small, it’s because we’re just trying to be safe.

And we’re in a really fortunate position. If you’re listening to this podcast, there’s likely the chance that there’s some privilege involved. And with that privilege comes safety. And we’re in a position where our needs are met. We know Whole Foods is, and if Whole Foods isn’t nearby, there’s a Trader Joe’s because God forbid we shouldn’t have our organic celery. We’re okay, we’re doing okay and because we’re doing okay, we need to do more. I firmly believe it’s our absolute, it’s our absolute priority, privilege and purpose to see what’s possible. And if we’re not kind of approaching life with that sense of possibility, and honestly that sense of curiosity, around what is possible then like not to get all whamp whamp, but what’s the point?

And listen, if you’re not resonating with that, then this podcast isn’t for you. Because I mean it, I am not satisfied or happy or or exalted in any way, shape or form if I’m not dreaming about what’s possible.

I think that there’s a certain breed of us out there who thrive in that zone of, well maybe, maybe, maybe it will, maybe it can happen and, and maybe it should be me and if it’s not me, maybe I can help this person. And if it’s not, then maybe that person. But maybe together we can create something really spectacular.

And of course, that unleashes a ton of questions around like oh, well aren’t you a Yogi? Shouldn’t you not desire things? And I’m sorry, nothing was created without desire. Nothing. Literally nothing, including you. And so we can really chew on that.

I’m a double Libra. I really like the philosophy part of things and really just weighing all the sides, Libra, moon and rising. And I’m an Aries sun. So balance is my game. Looking at things from every single side is also my game. And I’m also a mercury in Taurus. So if I repeat myself, it’s because I really love repeating myself. Just there’s subtleties when you repeat yourself. You can say things one way and then if you say just a little bit different and in a different tone and emanating from a different chakra, it can really land in a much different way. So you’ll get the absolute pleasure of getting to experience that and I’ll get the absolute pleasure of trying not to do that every episode.

So anyway, I’m so excited. My hope is that you can listen to these episodes while you’re cooking, while you’re walking your dog, while you’re driving to work. And while you’re in that space where you are inspired, need to be inspired, lost your ground a little bit, or standing firmly on your, ground wherever you’re at, I hope that this podcast can meet you where you need so that you can then feel your best so that you can show up your best so that you can then turn around and help others also feel and do their best. It’s the most important thing that we can do, is get to a place where not only are we safe, but we’re feeling some form of exaltation and then we can turn around and pick everyone else up around us.

There’s really no, there’s not, now I’m really getting into it. There’s no point in suffering. That’s what I was going to say. There’s really no point in suffering. I’m getting controversial but suffering’s a choice. And even in our most dire objectively suffering situations, the people who have gotten through it can even attest to the fact that their suffering was a choice. And every single day in subtle ways we’re choosing do I want to suffer or do I want to feel exalted? Do I want to go down that rabbit hole of complaining and feeling small and feeling unimportant and I don’t matter? Or do I want to see what’s possible and expand and dream a little bit and push my boundaries and maybe other people’s boundaries?

And from that place, there’s an energy and you can feel it. And when the energy is moving, even if you are in that kind of objectively suffering situation, that’s called hope. And you know, because you’re human and you’ve been human a long time, at least in this lifetime, that with hope, everything is possible. Everything.

And so if you are in an objectively suffering position right now, I hope that you can find some hope in these episodes. And I hope that I can show up in a way that provides you that glimmer, that glimpse, that insight, that thing that you need right now, like a dose of medicine right into your ear, from my mouth to your, ear and be that thing that helps you make that shift that you need to make, find that clarity that you’re just hanging on for.

So anyway, let me tell you a little story. I don’t even know what story I’m about to say. This is the cool thing. I’m going to have notes for all these podcasts, but I love speaking and I really am super passionate about flow states. And one of the places I get into the flow state is through speaking. So I let it flow a little bit. The story I want to tell you really is about my book that I haven’t written yet. That’s the story I want to tell you. I have a book I want to write and it’s on the new way to work. I’m really, really passionate about it.

See, I don’t really like telling my stories. You’ll have to tune into another episode where I feel a little bit more inspired about that. I want to tell you about what I actually care about right now, which is we could do better. There’s a way to live our days better and we’re not doing it, at least like 99.9% of us aren’t doing it. And that’s not taking into account that some people actually genuinely get off on working 12 hour days and love that stuff and whatever.

I’m more saying that there’s a way that we can be more in touch and more productive, which is such a win win. Oh my God. Literally I’m having this aha. Because the thing I’m after is connection. I’m obsessed with my connection to the divine, to the spark, to the thing that’s coming through me right now. And if I can be there and be in that pocket of that connection at all times, I will literally move heaven and earth. And sometimes I do.

But what I’m fascinated about is how if you’re in that pocket, your productivity goes up and your inspiration goes up and your creativity goes up and all the things that you actually want that are actually valued in society, you get. So it’s the biggest win win I think you could ever experience. Because I came up, and here I am going into my story now. I came up in this upbringing of straight As in college and all this checking the boxes and got hit all the marks. And the thing is I could have hit all the marks doing it a lot differently. I’m convinced of that.

I may not have wanted to do the things I did though, because one of the things I know about connection and being in touch and in tune and in that flow, you have to actually like what you’re doing. There has to be an actual interest in what you’re doing. And if you’re doing something right now during your day that you’re like I literally can’t do this one more time, I feel you. I really, really, really feel you. Because there’s no connection there. If you’re not enjoying yourself…

Joseph Campbell says, he says, “Follow our bliss”. And it’s like okay, cool. Got it. Follow your bliss. Three simple words. Someone actually, my teacher in 11th grade in high school actually quoted that and lived by it and emphasized that we all need to know it. And I didn’t get it, of course, at the time because I’m like bliss? What is bliss? I don’t need help with bliss. Come on. Okay, things I like, great. So insightful. Thanks.

But it is literally the most insightful thing you could ever, ever follow. Because basically what Joseph Campbell says is your connection to the divine is where rapture is in your life, what captures you, and there’s the rapt of it, the rapture where you’re just so enthralled and so moved by it that time and space no longer exist. And that’s the flow state.

And if you can somehow figure out where that Venn diagram is of your rapture with producing something that is actually somewhat “valuable” in society, which is ever changing by the way. So don’t worry too much about that. You’re in such a sweet spot where you’re allowing these structures in your system that have to be met, that feeling of safety, of security and all that, that you can do a million hypnosis sessions, you could do lifetimes of Kundalini yoga. There’s still going to be some sort of ghostly structure of these systems, of these structures within you because they’re inherent to our subconscious, which is massive and really runs our show.

So my hack is work with it. If I can find that Venn diagram where that’s being satisfied just enough that it doesn’t go haywire, and I can be tuned in and tapped in in this divine connection and connected place, then isn’t that the sweet spot? Isn’t that where it’s at? I think it is. I really do. I have such a strong feeling that that’s where it’s at. Because for me, that’s where the clarity is. That’s where the divine exists. That’s where the nectar of it all is. It’s so satisfying. It’s better than Lara bars and I eat like four of those. Don’t tell anyone. I’m working on it, okay? No one’s perfect here. Let’s just get that out the window right now.

I love pretty things. I’m double Libra, but I’m not perfect, at all. I mean, maybe you guys are like, duh, we know, but I’m just making it clear, I’m not perfect and my guests aren’t perfect. And the other podcasts you listen to, they’re not perfect either. And the people you follow on Instagram aren’t perfect and they have really crappy days too. And maybe they don’t have that many crappy days. And in that case, what’s their secret? Find it out.

But look around your life in a very realistic way and figure out what’s real and what’s not. And that’s like, oh my God, that’s a whole episode in itself. Reality versus non reality. If you can get that down, I mean, that’ll change everything because I think most of my life I was living, I was forcing myself into a non reality. So I have a very natural, we all have a natural connection, to the divine and to the unseen and the occult and all of this. It’s within us all.

But that said, I was surrounded by a lot of institutions and structures and things that I could very easily get caught up in. And as someone who wants to be a good girl, because that’s my thing, I have good girl syndrome, which is really hard. So to my fellow good girls out there, I salute you. So I’m trying to fit into these things, and really they’re non realities and how do I know that? They don’t give me energy. I get no energy from them.

In fact, they drain my energy. And you’re maybe at your job right now listening to this at your desk being like, well hmm, I’m in a non reality. And you might be. It’s very possible you might be, or you might just need another hour of sleep. So you have to kind of figure out where that measuring stick actually is.

But Yogi Bhajan, the Kundalini master, he says that you’re in a non reality because there’s no energy there. So if you’re ever doing something that’s really, really, really draining your energy, it’s not reality. And if you’re doing something that’s giving you so much energy and you’re just feeling it pulse through, literally it’s a physical sensation. When you’re in a reality and the energy is moving, you can feel it. You can feel it. You almost feel the blood moving through your veins. Have you ever experienced that? Or the tingling feeling of your hands?

You can feel that right now. Just feel it. Feel that aliveness in your hands. It’s available to you whether you’re in the reality or non reality right now. Because if you’re listening to this podcast, I’m hoping that it’s a reality for you. So you should feel some tingling in your hands. Do you feel it? That’s your aliveness. And when you’re in touch with that and you have that as your barometer for things that you’re doing, it becomes a lot easier to maneuver the minutia and the bullshit and the information around you and the Instagram page and the Facebook page and the emails. Or just don’t answer your emails. I’ve learned they don’t give me energy.

I answer two emails a day and I’m oh my God, that was awful. There’s going to be better ways of communicating and they’re already being built and they’re already happening. So if it’s not working for you, don’t force it. I mean, it sounds radical to be like I’m not going to answer my emails. But guess what? I’m not answering my emails. I don’t like answering emails. I really don’t. If you want to get in touch with me, find another way. And there’s a lot of ways to get in touch. It’s like a game then too. If you want to get in touch with me, work for it. I’m just kidding. But I’m actually not.

I ran a PR agency for about two years, and I hated it. I had my own business and I hated it. That’s like a whole different subject. But if you’re ever doing something and creating something, you should actually really like what you’re doing. That’s definitely pro tip number one of this podcast.

When I worked in PR, one of the things I’d have to do is I’d have to get people’s attention, and specifically the reporter’s attention. Now this is a great metaphor for the Aquarian age. So reporters, there’s, I’m going to get the number wrong, but I’ll give you the ratio. Basically there’s 10,000 reporters or something in the United States and there’s 200,000 PR people in the United States. So that’s problematic because the ratio doesn’t work because that means that there are 30 PR people pitching one reporter on the same subject at any given time based on however it goes. Because it’s not an exact ratio. It’s actually way more. There may be 100 people pitching this one reporter.

So you have to get this reporter’s attention. How do you do that? Well, you stalk them. That’s how PR works. You stalk the reporter. Not in a creepy, creepy, creepy way. You have to get their attention through various channels. So one of the techniques I would use that worked like a fricking charm was I would follow them on Instagram and Twitter specifically. I mean, they loved Twitter. They’re always coming up with something pithy.

So every single time that the reporter that I wanted to pitch would post something, I would respond to their tweet and I’d like their tweet and I would respond to it and I would like it and then I’d respond to it. And I do this for a month before I pitched them. And then when I finally pitched them, I would send them an email and I would reference something that they had tweeted. Then I’d follow up on Twitter and I would tweet directly at them.

I landed New York Times, Wall Street Journal, International Business Times, I’m talking the big names. This is how I got the placements. And I mean other than that, luckily I have, I mean I have connections from my days as an NBC page, which again is another story for another time. So I had the broadcast news networks covered, but these newspapers and magazines where a whole different animal for me and that’s how I got their attention and it worked. And that tactic might not work anymore because I think other people have wised up to it and maybe the reporter doesn’t care anymore or maybe whatever.

So what I’m trying to say is if you’re trying to get something done, you have to be able to cut through. There needs to be a cutting through of the things that aren’t working and aren’t getting people’s attention because they’re not reality. And then you have to get through to the person. So that’s a communication issue, but it’s also just a reality versus non reality.

For me, I was meeting the reporters where their reality was. Their reality was on Twitter where they were famous, basically. I mean, anyone with a couple hundred followers on Twitter, it was like making bold moves. And for them though, that was a reality. It gave them energy. Running a PR business did not me any energy. In fact, it made me really, really sick.

So that’s the game we’re playing here though, is what’s your reality? What things give you energy? What are other people’s realities, what give them energy and how can you walkie talkie across the gap there, if there is one? And if you can’t get across that gap, what do you do, how do you maneuver all of that? Because really, if you can do those things, you’re going to feel super exalted instead of exhausted.

And then there are people who just don’t live in any sort of reality and that’s a whole different animal, and they’re usually called family. I love my family. Let me just preface that. But that’s a different conversation.

So anyway, I hope you’re enjoying this first rant, discussion, philosophy class, Ted Talk. I really, really, really look forward to all of these amazing guests I’m going to have on here and I can’t wait for your questions to come through. Tell me what you want to hear about. I’m going to talk about Kundalini yoga, astrology, exaltation, high achievement, flow states, new ways of working, Aquarian life in general, environmentalism. A little bit of veganism for my fellow vegans out there and soon to be vegans. I can’t wait to see how many of you become vegan after I start talking about that. Don’t turn off the podcast. I have a lot of other things to say than just schooling you on veganism. Please don’t off the podcast. Thank you for staying on.

It’s just going to be awesome. I have so much to share and everyone I put on here has so much to share. And if you have something that you need to teach and that you’ve learned that you need to teach and that that you can share, do it. Period. Full stop, end of story. Don’t do competitive analysis. Don’t worry about a website, don’t worry about all the stuff. Get it out there because if it is your reality and if it gives you energy and if it’s something that matters, someone else needs to hear it. Bottom line.

And if you don’t share that message, if you die with that message, with that energy, I don’t even need to say it. That’s heartbreaking. That’s heartbreaking. That is the biggest disservice you can do to your own life and to everyone else’s life.

So don’t worry about the whole like oh, well I’m in the spiritual scene and she already has a podcast and this person’s already doing this thing and that person already has 500,000 followers, so why would I even bother? Well, guess what? Do you, you do you, period. Because there are people who need you and what we need from you is to get out of your own way. I’m getting out of my own way and now it’s your turn.

So every time I show up on here, it’s me getting out of my own way. It’s me showing up as my most exalted self. It’s me showing up in the best, biggest way that I can. And then I hope that you will do the same.

So on that note, thanks for listening to the first episode. I’m Shakti Sita. And you can find me on Instagram and my website. They’re all in the show notes. I would just love to hear what you thought. And oh my gosh, please, please, please subscribe. I will make it so worth your clicking of the subscribe button. I will pay you back for that click tenfold, maybe a hundred fold. Maybe it’s it’s an immeasurable fold because subscribe and then rate and review it and I will send you something super awesome. I’m actually, I have no clue what it is right now, but that’s a lie. I have lots of clues what it is, but I’m in the process of creating it.

So by the time this episode comes out, just go to my show notes and email the email in that page and I will have someone else email you or an automated email send you because again, email doesn’t give me any energy, an automated email. You’ll get this free gift for subscribing, reading and reviewing. Just send me a screenshot.

I appreciate you. I’m so excited to get to know you and I’m here for you. So with a lot of love, I will talk to you soon.

Shakti Sita