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Private Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Shakti Sita

Sedona, Arizona & Online

Private sessions with Shakti Sita to deepen your practice and relationship to your higher self. Connect to the Infinite flow and discover your creative destiny.

These sessions are perfect for all levels and ages.


Private Coaching & Astrology with Shakti Sita

Online & Phone

Shakti Sita’s full attention and deep wisdom is at your call.

This one-on-one session is for you if:

  • You need a kick start after things have just been “off”
  • You have an idea but no clue what to do next
  • Your thoughts are running wild and you want to improve your mindset
  • You are looking to connect with your soul’s mission and destiny
  • You want to optimize your current and upcoming Astrological transits
  • You are looking for better relationships
  • You are craving a deeper connection to your inner world
  • You need accountability
  • You need someone to hold a higher vision for your life and potential

Custom Tantric Mala by Shakti Sita

Shakti Sita only makes one custom Tantric Mala per month. Will it be yours?


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